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Mantra Jam

Mantra Jam

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Mantra Jam is not a concert or any other performance format. It is a format of a collective diving into Mantras singing.


At regular concerts it’s you who are listening, but at Mantra Jams we listen to you too.

No special preparation is required, all Mantras texts will be shown on the screen and the Shanti People vocalist Uma will be telling you stories behind each sacral text.


Mantra Jam is a way to personally feel the magic power of sound and apply it for good.

Mantras singing is a time-proven practice to control one’s mind and emotions. There is a great many of Mantras each to bring its own result. Even though you have never heard of Mantras until today, you are welcome to come over and try it yourself.


Mantra Jam is a “divers’ site” for those who are ready to dive deeply into themselves. You all are welcome!

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