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Some words about the teacher:

 10 years of studying voice in Moscow with such masters as Elena Bazova and Tatiana Shamanina;

 7 years of oriental singing practice and spiritual study of Gaudiya Vaishnavism at the same time;

 Studied ancient classical vocal style Dhrupad in India with hereditary family of musicians.​

Voice mastery development program.


➞ Sound philosophy. Fundamental voice mastery knowledge. 
➞ Concept of the voice vertical and support points.
➞ Concept of raga.
➞ Sound influence on body and mentality.
➞ Practice of phonation.
➞ Mantra and its power.


➞ Breathing exercises.
➞ Exercising sensation of support points.
➞ Working on phonation. Voice opening.
➞ Raga and Mantra singing.

Groups are being formed all the time.


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