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Dear friends, it's our pleasure to invite you to join us in a musical journey

to an amazing country with a generous sun and warm sea - to Greece!
Our adventure will start with a Mantra Jam in the center of Athens,

and after that we will go to the dislocation of

5-days seminar of Vocal Yoga by Shanti People and Hatha Yoga classes.

The main purpose of the tour is to escape from the routine to become fulfilled with strength,

new knowledge and impressions, to discover the creative potential and harmonize your inner world.

In the morning we will do Yoga, breathe and meditate together with Lana Makhavik.

In the daytime we will get energy of the sun, enjoy the sea and explore the surroundings.

And in the evenings we will evolve our voices by singing Mantras with Uma Devi.

Come join us to spend unforgettable days at the Mediterranean seaside!

Tour price 300 EUR

Tour program includes:
‒ Mantra Jams from Shanti People
‒ Daily Hatha Yoga classes with Lana Makhavik (primary and second level)
‒ Vocal Yoga with Uma Devi (vocal practice, doesn't depend on your level)

Extra expenses:
‒ tickets
‒ accommodation (2 and 3 bed rooms, 35 EUR per night)
‒ meals (breakfast is included in the room price)
‒ transfer
‒ private lessons with Uma Devi
‒- Ayurveda consultations from Lana
‒ excursions
‒ accommodation in Athens on the day of Mantra Jam (June, 23)

(the organizers are not responsible for the accommodation in Athens)

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